Rotund Writer on a mission: can I write an article in a day?

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I know: it sounds impossible.

I still have to try and finish an academic article in a day. It may be a very, very long day.

Couple of months ago, a colleague from Spain e-mailed me to ask whether I will be willing to write and article, for a Spanish journal, about the way(s) in which the establishment of the ERC (European Research Council) may be affecting national policy for science and national research funding bodies.


This is one of the issues a large project I led explored; I have loads of material and the main thing: we academics are vain people and when approached as ‘the ones who know and understand’ we tend to say ‘yes’.

Time has flown; I have been flying around the world. This article is due…well, was due couple of weeks ago, in fact. And I am not messing this one up: this colleague has never messed me up.

So, it is Sunday morning and I am sitting at my desk. The question is could I send the article off before I go to bed tonight?

What I have is:

  • the argument of the article;
  • the structure of the article (a developed structure)
  • different texts that can feed into the article though these have to be re-written.

I also have the ‘staying power’ of the long distance runner; which is pretty useful when it comes to long distance writers as well.

How I intend to do this one.

I will do it by:

  • Completely focusing on writing this article;
  • Writing for 25 minutes, resting 5, writing 25 etc.
  • Will take several longer breaks; one of these will be to go to karate practice.
  • I’ll dictate some of the text using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

My first task will be to have a complete, though imperfect body of the article by mid-afternoon. After that I’ll start shaping it and improving the text.

Wish me luck! I’ll update before I go to bed.

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