Rotund Writer Challenge

For me, being a writer has come with a hefty price tag; literally. This is a combination between a sedentary lifestyle and easy access to my fridge and chocolate.

Gradually over the years I have become a Rotund Writer. This challenge is to enable me to move from Rotund Writer to Happy and Healthy Writer by:

  • Writing a set number of words, five days a week (or a set number of words per week);
  • Exercising for at least an hour per day, at least five days a week; and
  • Eating more healthy diet.

More specifically, I pledge to:

  • Write 2,000 words per day (Monday to Friday) or 10,000 words per week. This will include writing for my blogs, guest writing, pitching and writing articles, academic writing and, eventually, book writing. This will be reported in number of words written.
  • Run for an hour every day (Monday to Friday). Because ultimately I will be running the Comrades in two years time, the focus is on running every day and keeping my heart rate low. Regardless this will be reported in miles run.
  • Stop eating sugar or anything that processes as sugar, e.g. most carbs. To be able to do the ultra-marathon running I aim to do, I will need to train my body to burn fat rather than sugar. This will be reported in days without sugar.

You can join the Rotund Writer Challenge as well: I can do this alone but it is so much more fun doing it with others.

Become a Challenger

People have already approached me to join the challenge. They also wish to know whether they have to write as much as/only 2,000 words and run. My response to this is:

It is you challenge, you set the limits.

The only condition is that you decide on and do all three pledges.

  • You don’t have to write 2,000 words a day; it is your challenge and you have to pitch it to your level. You can choose to write 1,000 words or 3,000 words – the pledge is to do it and do it five days a week.
  • You don’t have to run; you can power walk, swim or cycle; you could do martial arts or dance. The pledge and the challenge is to do a minimum of one hour five days a week so that your fitness improves.
  • Cutting chocolate, sugar and carbs out of your diet is a good idea but is only an idea.

To join the challenge tell me what are your pledges in a message below.

Current Challengers

  1. Maria Nedeva
  2. Brigitta
  3. Shoshone


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