Rotund Writer Challenge: week two

It takes three minutes to run up this hill. I do it eight times!
It takes three minutes to run up this hill. I do it eight times!

The second week of my Rotund Writer Challenge to transform myself from a Rotund Writer into a Happy and Healthy Writer is over.

How did I do?

Writing 10,000 words a week

Last week I didn’t reach my goal of writing 10,000 words again. Over seven days I wrote 7,482 words which was a combination between writing for my blogs, writing guest posts and writing technical text for my day job. Overall, nothing very exciting in this except that it is still good practice and discipline. One thing I need to pay attention to is editing my final texts more carefully – for me, this is the hard part of writing since spotting the typos is not in my nature.

‘One is an accident, two the beginning of a pattern’ – you may think.

And you may as well be right; my goal to write 10,000 per week may be overly ambitious. I’ll be re-visiting it in five weeks so that bias for incidental overload is avoided. For instance, last week I couldn’t write as much as I would have liked to because I had to mark many Masters dissertations (about 200,000 words worth of reading and assessing). I also had to deal with an administrative emergency and this is a big time and energy suck.

Are these going to occur every week? Hope not. If they do, it may be wise to shorten the time scales of my overall goal of becoming a ‘best paid writer’.

Running for an hour five days a week

Last week, I run four times and covered a distance of 13.4 miles. Doesn’t sound much but I went out, I kept my heart rate low and I did a combination of running and power walking.

Apart from that I had a really hard session with my trainer – he is a nice, young man but my feeling is that he has set out to kill me. He claims that he has set out to make me into the strong, lean runner I need to be to manage ultra-marathons. Guess I have to suck it up and keep going.

I also did two hours of karate and this was truly wonderful. I am getting to a stage where we start working on energy control. Anyway, apparently karate is one of the most energy intensive exercise around (because of the sharp movements); this is normal language means that it burns loads of calories.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

In vain I tried to control this one! My pledge to stop eating sugar (chocolate) and all bad carbs is the one which was a spectacular fail again. Would you believe that there hasn’t been a single day when I managed to go without?

My excuse is that I have been stressed (true) and feeling very tired (true). Now, the excuse part comes from the fact that eating sugar (chocolate) doesn’t help with any of these; quite the reverse, it can make things worse, much worse.

This is work in progress!

Till next week. Meanwhile, if you are interested to follow my progress with the Rotund Writer Challenge there are brief updates to the right of this article.

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