Rotund Writer Challenge: week three

The Rotund Writer running in Lund
The Rotund Writer running in Lund

The second week of my Rotund Writer Challenge to transform myself from a Rotund Writer into a Happy and Healthy Writer is over.

During that week I had to visit Lund, in Sweden for my academic work. We held a ‘scoping’ workshop about the possibility to get off the ground a research programme; this partially builds on a theory I’ve been developing and involves nine colleagues from around Europe. Saying this in a way of telling you why last week my writing was quite a bit under my weekly goal.

How did I do?

Writing 10,000 words a week

I did under-shoot this one by a lot last week. Instead of the aimed for 10,000 words I managed only 6,420. I mostly wrote for my blogs but there wasn’t much time left for anything else. Between teaching quite a lot, travelling to Lund and my birthday – yep, today is my birthday – there wasn’t much opportunity.

Another thing I noticed is that my competitive nature is leading me to be very focused and serious about writing 10,000 words per week. Not so bad, you may think, but what I am feeling is that this is becoming a pressure. How I know?

When I start writing in my dreams, I know that I’ve been overdoing it. Will have to think of ways to bring joy and lightness into writing again: after all it is about making art, not getting into a version of standardised effort.

Running for an hour five days a week

This was not too bad. Although I only run four times this week the distance covered was 17 miles. There are three reasons behind this increase in mileage:

  • first, I did manage to go out for an hour (and a bit) on each occasion;
  • second, I have started to run all the time outside the warm up and the cool down; very slowly but run nevertheless; and
  • third, one of the running sessions in Lund was done with a close friend of mine who is really tall; I had to speed up a bit so that he could walk at medium speed.

It all adds up. Next week, I’ll aim for five times though we’ll have to see how this one works out – I’ll be in St Louis (US) at Fincon13.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

Still no success with this one – I have eaten one or other form of sugar every day. Some days – like today – are close to a complete disaster. My excuse: it is my birthday and my sister made me a cake which she brought over. And she is very good at making cakes!

May be able to buckle up on this one next week; also need to check all my weird diet books and decide which one to stick with. It seems to me that having a relaxed attitude and thinking that I can just treat myself is not working.

It is far too easy to slide from a treat into indulgence, or even decadence.

Until next week, my friends. We shall overcome!

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