Rotund Writer Challenge Week Six: an article in a day…

Yep; this was my dinner last Monday
Yep; this was my dinner last Monday

Yesterday I set out to write a whole academic article in a day. It is time for the truth: did I manage to do it?

Well, partially.

Yesterday I ended up with the body of an article, about 8,000 words long. This is, however, the material, this is the granite from which I am carving my ‘lion’ in a bit less neck-breaking manner.

Before you pronounce me to be one of the most productive people around, let me clarify the following:

  • I worked on the argument of the article, and had this set out in about 1,000 words, when coming back from Prague. Yep, I was in the lounge at the Airport, sipping a glass of wine and mind mapping the argument.
  • I have a lot of material for this paper. It comes from a very large international project funded by the European Research Council that I led couple of years ago.
  • I did use Dragon naturally speaking to get most of this text in; otherwise my wrists would have given in.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither can an article that one is not ashamed of be written in a day. But one can get so much further.

Now, let me tell you how did the Rotund writer challenge go in week six.

Writing 10,000 words a week

Yep; this was done. Last week I’ve written 10,373 words.

This success can be partly attributed to my writing marathon on Sunday; still, given all the travel that I did as well this is not too shabby.

Running for an hour five days a week

This wasn’t very good. I hope I am not getting into the pattern of ‘writing goes up, exercise goes down’; which is the pattern of a rotund writer.

Last week I ran only twice and my weekly distance was 6.8 miles.

This was in part because I took the decision not to take my running gear to Prague. I knew there won’t be much time left for running and I would have had to put my luggage in the hold.

As it is, I chose minimalism and travelled with very little luggage. This meant no running on Tuesday or Wednesday.

On Thursday I did a bit but the main effort was on my training session. My trainer claims that he is not ‘out to get me’ but to make me a lean, ultra runner. It is still hard work – I have to become very strong and the parts of me that suffer most are the ones where I have forgotten I have muscle.

Like my bum, my arms and my mid-rift. Still, has to be done, I suppose.

Friday I did a lot of teaching and then had stomach ache and on Saturday needed to do things for the house.

The Sunday karate session, however, is a must; and a very good exercise it is.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

Oh dear! This is not good, not good at all. Not a single day without something sweet to eat.

And absolutely no excuse! Not to mention the enormous pizza I had on Monday evening and the burger the following evening. And the beer; then again I was in Prague.

How did you do?

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