Rotund Writer Challenge: week one


Last week I announced my commitment to transforming myself from a ‘rotund writer’ to a ‘healthy and happy writer’. These will be done in ‘three easy steps’; well, no, not really – just kidding.

These will be done through the Rotund Writer challenge consisting of three pledges:

  • to write 2,000 words per day (Monday to Friday) or 10,000 words per week;
  • to run for an hour five days a week; and
  • to stop eating sugar and foods that process as sugar.

The first week of the challenge was a mixed bag partly because it is the beginning of the academic year and as we well know students disrupt the smooth workings of the universities terribly. I’ve had a week brimming with drama and gushing with emotion; none of it positive I hasten to add. This all sounds as an excuse but it is real.

Let me now tell you how did I do.

Writing 10,000 words a week

I didn’t get there but managed to get very close: during the first week of the Rotund Writer Challenge I wrote 8,707 words. This was mainly but not only blogging.

Running for an hour five days a week

Run three times during the week and the distance I covered is 12 miles. This, however, wasn’t the only exercise I did: I have renewed my karate sessions.

Stop eating sugar

Now this was a spectacular fail; I had chocolate spread for breakfast every morning last week. The bread was an improvement, though: have switched almost exclusively to homemade rye bread.

As I said, mixed bag. But the Challenge is going on!

photo credit: Steampunk Family the von Hedwigs via photopin cc

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