Rotund Writer Challenge Week Nine

My favourite salad
My favourite salad

Guess what? We’ve finished the report I was telling you about. It is a fascinating piece of work (even if I say so myself) on which my team and I worked hard and very, very smart.

The whole thing is about offering frameworks for comparison of research funding spaces and research funding organisations; but let’s not get there. This work is innovation, interesting, useful and a part of much wider research programme we’ve been developing.

More to the point, the report is a monster of 30,000 words and over 100 pages. This was a collective effort (my share of the writing was probably about 40% and of responsibility slightly under 100%).

You know what is coming, don’t you?

In brief, last week – or week nine of my Rotund Writer challenge was again a mixture of over-achievement, modest progress and spectacular failings.

Writing 10,000 words a week

In week nine of the Rotund Writer challenge I wrote 12,052 words. A lot of this was on the report but I also wrote for The Money Principle. Also last week I published a guest blog post which anyone interested can read here.

Hence, the over-achievement.

Running for an hour five days a week

During week nine I managed to run only once and covered 3.2 miles. Doesn’t look very good and was a combination between really not having any time to run and an injury.

You know that I do karate training? A week ago on Sunday, I was messing about with the black belts (just my luck to be paired for sparring with a teen black belt). I did a side kick, he blocked and got me on the top of my foot with his elbow.

I thought nothing of it. Till the evening when we went to see Philomena (a splendid movie) and my foot was hurting so that I couldn’t get to the car. My poor husband had to support, almost carry in fact, a very rotund writer to a waiting place.

I couldn’t really go for a run, you understand. I had a great training session on Thursday, though, and running is on again this week.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

I have some rather amazing news on this one: last week I didn’t eat sugar or anything that processes as sugar (any carbs) for three days in a row. It wasn’t that hard really: on Wednesday I just got fed up and decided that I can do the slow carbs diet.

So I did.

Saturday is officially announced as a ‘cheat day’ when I can gorge on all the stuff I have not been eating during the week like bread and…well, other stuff.

We’ll see how this one will go next week.

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