Rotund Writer Challenge: week four

The Rotund Writer in St. Louis
The Rotund Writer in St. Louis

Guess where I was last week?

Yep, I was, and still am, in St. Louis, the US attending Fincon13. After all, being a ‘best paid writer’ is likely to include taking my blogging to a whole different summit.

Travelling across the Atlantic, spending time at airports, listening to presentations, active socialising and generous amounts of beer bring a great, but ultimately beneficial, disruption to the daily routine of a writer. It is to be expected that week four of my Rotund Writer Challenge is a bit off target.

This is how I did:

Writing 10,000 words a week

This week I have written only 3,382 words. This is far off the target of writing 10,000 per week but at least I have a good excuse.

This week, however, was more about ‘writing as enriching your experiences’ than about ‘writing as output’. Attending Fincon13 made me think about matters of style, form and content that I hadn’t considered before. It made me question the relationship between ‘creating art’ and promoting it.

In this sense, not reaching…well, heck, being so far off my target of writing 10,000 per week doesn’t concern me. Yet!

Since the beginning of the Rotund Writer four weeks ago, I have still written close to 26,000 words that, I hope, make sense. Does it matter that I’ve missed my daily target?

Running for an hour five days a week

I want to share a secret with you: when at a conference, or any event involving sitting down and having to concentrate, the one thing that gets you through is exercise.

Last week I did three runs and covered 12.5 miles. During the four weeks of the Rotund Writer Challenge, I’ve run almost 56 miles.

Which is five miles more that the Comrades ultra-marathon. I’ll just have to do this in one go and in under 15 hours.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

I had to go to the US, where chocolate and sugar are everywhere to score not one but two days without.

It is easy really: there is no bar full of chocolate in my room and going downstairs to get some seems like too much bother.

How did you do this week?

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