Rotund Writer Challenge Week Eight

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It’s been an interesting week!

It all started with a small misunderstanding about dates.

Exactly about a year ago I was in South Africa when my telephone rang. I didn’t know the voice and I didn’t know the accent. It was a call from the main research funding body of an European country and I was asked to do some research for them.

It was interesting for me and it is part of a much larger research programme that I and my research group are pursuing. I agreed.

Because of different reasons, we had to ask for about a month extension to the contract (cost neutral). Having accepted that it is ‘a done deal’ imaging my shock when our contact told me at the beginning of the month that the best he could do is to get us an extension till November 13th.

What do you think happened? We started writing up the research as people possessed. I was blessing Dragon Naturally Speaking which was allowing me to put a lot of the text in without damaging my wrists.

We were working flat out; for me, this was on top of the pressure and speed with which I wrote the academic article I was telling you about.

Now, November 13th was last Wednesday; it was also the day I was due to leave for Vienna (work conference) and the day after I do five hours teaching.

In retrospect, it was inspired that I decided to shoot our contact an e-mail to tell him we’ll deliver the next day. When the answer came, I thought the members of my team will start a revolution – he got us an extension till November, 30th and I misheard on the phone.

A misunderstanding with dates, which meant that the neck breaking writing sprint was over; we could exhale and continue at a more relaxed pace.

Which was lucky given that at the conference I sat for thirteen hour stretches, listening to presentations; sometimes chairing sessions.

Which more than explains my miserable performance on the Rotund Writer challenge this week.

Writing 10,000 words a week

In week eight of the Rotund Writer challenge I managed to write only 5,963 words. This was a combination between writing the report and blogging.

Running for an hour five days a week

During week eight I managed to run only once and covered 2.9 miles. Doesn’t look very good and was a combination between really not having any time to run in Vienna (although I took my running shoes with me) and a slight pain in one of my knees. Started asking my-self whether I am too heavy for this stuff.

I am not going to give up. I just may need to change my tactics in the short run.

Eating: no sugar and bad carbs

This didn’t go very well either; but Vienna may be the wrong place to try to stop eating sugar and chocolate.

I wonder what will happen if I approach this as addiction?

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