I was not always a writer though I have written for most of my life. When I was six, I would sit at my desk and write stories; as an academic most of my work was, and is, about writing. In my mind though, there is a difference between writing and being a writer.

People write because they have to; writers write because they need to.

I became a writer couple of years ago when I took a sabbatical and used it to write. For a whole year I wrote ‘with the persistence of a drug addict’; I wrote for top academic journals (rather boring and formulaic), for Science (what a writing boot-camp this was) and for my personal finance blog TheMoneyPrinciple (my fun on the side). At the end of that year I was not simply someone who writes; I became a writer.

I decided to take this a step further and change from being a ‘well read writer’ to being a ‘well paid writer’. My goal is to make £100,000 per year from writing in five years time. On this blog I’ll worked out and share my strategy for achieving this and record my progress on the way.

What I already know is that being a writer comes at a price. When I started my transformation to being a writer I was a fit marathon runner; I even completed Loch Ness marathon which is the second hardest in the UK. Now, two years later, I just about manage an hour of slow running and weigh…well, let’s just not get there.

This is why, the Rotund Writer is not only about writing; it is also about the life-style of a writer and how to cope with the obsessive lack of exercise and frequent trips to the biscuit tin, the fridge and the chocolate jar.

Enjoy! And if you, my reader, wish to join me on one, or both, of these adventures you are very welcome.